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STORM  Interview

by Mixtapes Godz

MG) Introduce yourself to everyone that doesn't already know who you 

Whats good yall! Its your boi Storm up and coming hip-hop artist in LA. Dayton’s own who’s been killing the game for the past 3 years. Working with big name artists and producers such as Duane Darock and telling  you my story of perseverance and heart.

MG) What makes you different from other emerging artist?

My music and my drive is way different than any artist out. Im here to explain how it is out here for anyone that has a dream and believes in themselves. Im not here making sure all the other artist keep it real and that my fans get the most genuine and talented artists.

MG) Tell us about what you are currently working on?
Im currently workin on my EP Constellation Concentrations, which is my way of keeping it fun while inspiring others. 

MG) Who would you like to work with in the future?
I plan on working with j. cole and Big sean on many different tracks as well as Kendrick lamar and drake.

MG) Are you happy with the feedback you have been getting from people on material you have released?
Really excited and happy. My music is dope and im glad I have fans and people that relate to what im saying and that are inspired to change the world like me.

MG) Outside of the music what else are you currently working on?
Im working on acting and getting commercial spots as well as music.

MG) Where do you see yourself going in 2015 and how do you plan to
separate yourself from the other artist out today?
I see my self on that next tier level and being very close to being in the freshman class of 2016. My music isn’t conventional hip-hop, I’m all about telling people to never give up and I think artist lose that drive when they reach a goal.

MG) How can fans go about contacting you?
You can find me on any media platform with @stormakastorm and I will always respond to as many people as possible.

MG) Thank you for providing MixtapeGods with this exclusive interview, do you have any last words for your present and future fans?
You all are my homies man! Check out my mixtape work ethic on Datpiff and my soundcloud, Im going to be the next big thing and I want you apart of that.

Check out more of "Storm's" music on soundcloud now & Follow him on Twitter @stormakastorm

STORM drops new mixtape "work ethic"

It’s been several weeks since we last interviewed STORM. We noticed he had a brand new mixtape released and it was in our best interest to give it a listen and see what his latest music was all about. The young artist represents creativity and has a fresh approach to hip-hop expression. His music has really grown in just the past couple of years and his following is gaining ground quickly.

Storm just dropped “Work Ethic”, a 17-track mixtape exhibiting his flow, lyrics and hard work that he has been putting into his game. The project took 4 months to complete, but he was very proud of the overall outcome. The mixtape was produced by Afterlife, a popular producer who is a part of Storm’s rap group. Several of the songs also include features from a variety of up and coming artists such as Baby-T, Rich Rogers, Chris the Don, and Justine Jelaine.  Storm has worked with all of these artists in the past and each musician was happy to play a role in the successful project. “My favorite track on the mixtape is ‘Too Much’. It completely sums up the entire album and helps to give me the fuel I need some days when I feel like I’m at my lowest,” STORM said.

The project’s title “Work Ethic” means a lot to Storm, who has really come a long way since first beginning to rap and his relentless willpower to succeed is a standard that other young artists should follow. “I hope they will get a better understanding of hard work and determination. You can attain anything if you want it bad enough and strive for it every day,” STORM told our team. The talented hip-hop artist hopes the new project will give him more exposure and help to build his fan base as he looks to advance his career.

Our TapSongz Team gave the new mixtape a listen and really enjoyed some of the tracks. “I Don’t Want Her”, a song originally done by Eric Bellinger featuring Trey Songz, had a great twist on it and was a strong remix to the already popular tune. Storm’s rap flow and energy exhibits so much potential in a growing industry and his talent is truly starting to break out. The project showed passion and energy, a combination that can really surround an artist with attention. There is no doubt that STORM enjoyed creating the mixtape and sharing his love of music with his fans. “My favorite part was writing and recording. This project definitely made me a better lyricist,” Storm admitted. Other tracks that our team enjoyed included “We On Fire” and “Too Much”, both of which contain excellent vocals and strong features.

Moving forward, STORM has much more in mind and the new mixtape “Work Ethic” is really only a stepping-stone for what is to come. “I’m planning on doing some college tours very soon as well as always performing. I’m also going to be working on some music video projects that will help get my music out even more. I may even make a ‘Work Ethic Vol. 2”, Storm said. We encourage all of our viewers to follow STORM on social media if you haven’t already and be sure to download his mixtape for free on DatPiff in the link below! We also posted all of Storm's new songs from the mixtape through SoundCloud at the bottom of the page! Here at TapSongz, we hope you have enjoyed this feature article as we continue finding tomorrow’s greatest music today!