This Work is Superb!!. STORM operates in the same boldly visionary idiom as Kanye, even Jay-Z, expanding the boundaries of the hip-hop empire and daring other aspirants to the throne—yes, Kendrick, even The Game—to play catch-up.. Constellation Concentration is a masterpiece


Work Ethic Pt 2 is the result of one man’s sprawling journey,bringing him from Ohio to the craziness of Hollywood. It’s meant to empower us all to take our own. It’s a rare record that gives us a call to action, something to act on after the beats drop out and we’re left in silence..

If you've been following STORM'S career, then Work Ethic won't be anything new to you. STORM is known for spitting luxurious bars atop classy beats on some tracks and getting raw. He's occasionally political, and he always likes to have a couple slow joints for the ladies. While this formula has been rehashed at least half a dozen times by now, one thing is certain: When It Comes to STORM It works..