Taking The World By STORM

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The Calm Before The STORM

My music comes from the struggle I go through from day to day. I emerge myself into the music and feel it. I experience the music and create a story with it. I listen to what it explains and feels like to me. Then late at night I’m writing to it and re writing and just combing my words with the music.



The Eye Of The Storm

I set up sessions with producers and directors and come up with ideas for enhancing what is the Storm Experience. Creating ideas and changing the product over and over till the music is perfect! Everyone I work with is hands on and serious about the product. We also rehearse for weeks before any performances to keep that level of professionalism

New Music


Like a Streak Of Lightning

Stepping on that stage to perform is the greatest moment because, I finally get to create that amazing experience with my fans and get them so wrapped in the music. We have a great time every show!!! Also going out on the streets for promo and giving merchandise out to everyone keeps that spark for my music.

The Music Spreads